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Von ilian,Born and raised in ltaly,began to explore the cybergoth world in2000 while
workingwithTrackzeroonthe first EpentitledAutomaton.
After 9 years and with changes inthe line up,the project turned to more aggresive tones ,with with industriai and Ebm vi bes, from this evol ution carne out the Ep Trackzero atWar.
after 3 years,Von llian decided to leave the Trackzero project to focus on a series of paralle project, the most important in
2016 was the realization of the second album from Psykoxyde, with aggrotech sounds,entitled Psykoxyde Borderline.
After 5years,whileworkingandexperimentingwithdifferent sounds,Von llian releases hisfirst solo debut albumentitled Undead,a gloomy albumthat cries out to the world all its electrodark industriai sound.
After 2 years a work is finished that dusts off an old past with EBM sounds Von llianVSTrackZero
where the first video clip is also released My Nation IS
Under lnvasion
After 1 year through new, extremely more ElectroDarksounds,
the EP is born Shoot in Hollywood
The second video of the main song is recorded in the historic Palazzo Facchi from the 17th century D,C.