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Eighty One Hundred alla 32^ di Sanremo Rock!!

Per la Regione Campania, dalla Città di Napoli gli Eighty One Hundred alla 32^ del live tour 2019 di Sanremo Rock!!

Biografia Eighty One Hundred:

Eighty One Hundred is born in Naples in 2016 with the meeting of five guys who’re passionate
about music and need it to express themselves. Each of them brings a different music
background, but what connects them is a healty open approach to the musical composition
that makes special and very emotional every individual proposal.
Behind the project there is the need to use the music not only to externalise feelings and life
expiriences, but to act out inner uneasiness that comes from inconsistencies of modern
society. Against the manipulations and the veiled abuses we are forced to and against the
ideological standardization, the music can be used to start an intellectual revolution.
We used to live in a paradise… hell right now, thanks to the disregard of ruthless men and

Membri del gruppo:
Lead Vocals: Screamer
Lead Guitar: Mr White
Rythm Guitar: Taker
Bass Guitar: Doc
Drums: The Machine
Link Social Page&Web: